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"The 411"
So, we've all heard that "knowledge is power." That's really the case when it comes to mental health. A little education goes a long way to understanding what you or someone you know is going through and getting and past any shame to decide to talk to someone.

Real Stories
Some courageous young people have agreed to share their stories to give you a better idea of what it's like to live with a mental illness.  Read about their experiences, or, share your own story to help put a face on mental illness.

Pop Tops
Want to learn more about the signs of depression, or need some help coping with stress? Maybe you are dealing with a parent's divorce or have a friend that may need help with an alcohol abuse problem. Check out the "pop tops" to learn more about popular mental health topics.

Need Help?
Wondering where to turn for help with a mental illness or substance abuse problem? This section will give you lots of resources to start your journey to recovery. And, if you have a question that isn't being answered on this site, check out the "contact us" and "other resources" pages to find out whom to contact for answers.

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